Agency for strategic direction & development

 In 2018, I founded my agency for strategic direction and development for the cultural sector. With fifteen years of experience in the cultural sector, of which five international, I bring my network, expertise, creativity and enthusiasm to the table in all my endeavours. Inspired by best practices worldwide, I work with cultural institutions to develop innovative programming, implement cultural entrepreneurship, and target new audiences. I also advise private and corporate clients, who are interested in making a difference by investing in the art world. Finally, I am managing director of Art Projects Amsterdam, a foundation that sets out to establish more economic independence in the arts. Art Projects launched the Young Collectors Circle, a highly successful platform for starting art collectors, in 2016 and is currently developing a business curriculum for art students.

Cultural Institutions

Cultural entrepreneurship is a necessity for any cultural institution. I am passionate about researching and implementing the best strategies for cultural entrepreneurship within your institution, for instance by developing new business models and optimising donor activation to increase income, as well as by developing innovative programming and effective communication in order to increase visitor numbers and target new and/or younger audiences.

Private & corporate patrons

The arts sector has always relied on private and corporate patrons. In recent years, a high level of involvement and the desire for a long term effect have become major factors for patrons, which means it is important to investigate your core values and (for companies) branding possibilities before investing in the arts. Using my expertise and network, I will make a customised plan befitting your wishes and budget, whether this entails the start of a collection, the investment in a (large or small scale) art project, or the commissioning of an artist.

Are you interested in a results-oriented approach?